Come Tone with Us

Individual Membership

Individual membership is for one person and the membership dues are ($29.99) per month ($32.50 w/tax).

Couple Membership

Couple memberships are for two qualifying members living in the same household. Membership dues are ($50.00) per month ($54.19 w/tax)

Key Card Entry

Individual and Couple memberships include key card entry for 24 hour access. Come as often as you would like – open 365 days/year.

What are toning tables?  Who are they for?  How do they work?

Toning tables are designed to assist people from any age group and from a variety of populations – from those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle to those seeking relief from health and physical issues, such as aging, arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, back problems, muscle weakness, post-partum, etc.  For some, toning tables help maintain mobility and fluidity when traditional exercise equipment is not an option.


Each machine runs either 4 or 7 minutes (your choice) for a total workout time of 28 to 49 minutes.

Each table is designed to work a specific part of the body with special emphasis on each muscle group.  The tables address the following:

Your First Workout Session is Free

Because we offer a unique service, we offer everyone a free workout session. The next day you will feel the difference in your body.  There are no strings attached and no pushy salespeople. We would love for you to come in at your convenience.  Call 405-313-1099 for an appointment.

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